Noric Data Centre

Sustainable and carbon neutral computing, powered and cooled by glacier.

Green Sustainable Data Centre Services

Compute Nordic provides sustainable, carbon neutral data centres and computing resources including connectivity, infrastructure operation, application operation and management.


100% renewable energy

  • 4 local hydropower plants
  • World-class Power Usage Efficiency (PUE)
  • Supercharge your ESG

Up to 70% OPEX reduction

  • Abundant local low cost electricity
  • Cool climate
  • Only pay for services you need

Flexible pricing

  • Scale up and down
  • All inclusive and fixed costs
  • Flexible contract terms

Fast commissioning and scalable

  • 1 week commissioning (up to 1MW)
  • Powered land for containers
  • 165MW of electricity and 60,000m2 regulated land available

Services to meet your requirements

Our objective is to provide tailored solutions with simple, transparent and predictable pricing to meet your short and long term requirements including the ability to scale up and down as required.

Our services

100% renewable hydropower

With a focus on corporate sustainability and CO2 emissions, expand your data centre footprint in Norway and reduce your carbon footprint globally.

Our data centre

Keeping costs cool

Data centres are estimated to use one percent of all electricity consumed worldwide and this power can represent up to 60% of the data centre cost. With higher and increasing energy costs throughout the UK and Europe compared to Norway, we deliver world-class Power Usage Efficiency (PUE), reducing your costs and your business’ environmental impact.

How we do it

Hot on security

Our robust and multi-layered approach to security both in the management and operation of our data centres meet the strictest industry compliance standards — including ISO 9001, 27001, 14001 and 45001

Our solutions

100% customer retention

Which is we are one of the fastest-growing data centres in Norway servicing customers across the world.